Maximize Aeries® SIS

Transitioning to Aeries Web Version

The Future of Aeries is Online

In its 20+ years of existence, Aeries® Student Information System has undergone constant improvements in its progression to be the most popular Student Information System in California. Over the last 10 years in particular, the web version of Aeries, known commonly as "," has developed into the cornerstone of the Aeries SIS. As technology has evolved to focus more on the web, Aeries Software has similarly found that transitioning online has opened up vast possibilities unreachable through the desktop client version. During this conversion process from the client version to the web version, school districts have adopted the web version at varying timelines for varying groups, based on user comfort, missing or differing functionality, or general opposition to change processes. Aeries Software is excited to announce that it has nearly closed the gap in matching and exceeding functionality within the web version of Aeries and focus will now begin to shift towards improving the user interface and experience of the web version, while continuing to add brand new functionality. Correspondingly, beginning with the summer of 2016, the Aeries Web Version will begin to include critical features that will no longer be available in the Aeries Client Version.

For the 2016/2017 school year, all CALPADS Extracts and next year's SBAC Test Results Import will only be available in the web version of Aeries® SIS. It is important to note that as of July 1st, 2016, usage of Aeries Web Version will no longer be optional. This transition will ultimately streamline workflows while bringing districts exciting new features with the added convenience of access from any web browser.

To ensure that this transition is as smooth and efficient as possible, Aeries wants to hear from all districts regarding any remaining feature sets that districts still need in the web version of Aeries. Over the last few years, we have had an “Open Feedback” policy, asking districts for their opinions regarding features that they need through means such as Programming Requests, Open Forums at Users’ Conference, and regional Aeries meetings. The remaining items yet to be converted to the web version have been added to an IdeaWall to vote on in order to help us prioritize development of these remaining items.

How Does This Affect My School/District?

Advantages of Making the Move to Aeries Web Version

Online access to Aeries from anywhere – at home or at school, as determined by your district policies
New and powerful features like Advanced Intervention Management, Service Learning, 504 Details, Google Apps For Education Integration, and Aeries Analytics customizable data dashboards, Early Warning System, and free LCAP dashboards
No more busy work keeping up with installs and updates on individual workstations
New and innovative development is streamlined
Multitask capability thanks to browser tabbing, reports running in the background, multi-threaded tasks, etc.
One single, integrated platform that connects admins, teachers, students, parents, guardians
Brand new mobile apps coming soon
No additional annual fee

5 Suggested Steps For Adoption

1 Install the Aeries Web Version - Aeries support is available to complete this for a one-time fee
2 Configure and define features for Teacher and Student Portals
3 Assemble focus groups. Select district personnel and your teacher champions to help aid in the transition
4 Communicate clearly to all stakeholders and end-users the availability of resources provided by Aeries
5 Train! Train! Train! Provide training opportunities to your teachers and admin users on the web version of Aeries

To get started, contact

Aeries Web Version Suggested Transition Plans

Aeries Software is dedicated to providing the training and support necessary to ensure the successful use of Aeries SIS at all levels. Training is available onsite or via webinars. The following is a proposed implementation and training plan to help guide districts in the transition to the Aeries web-based platform.

Suggested Training Plan – No Web Version Experience

Suggested Training Plan – Minimal Web Version Experience

This plan is based on the assumption that Aeries web version ( has already been installed, but its use has not been mandated or grown significantly.

Aeries Web Version Basic Overview

(3.5 hours) - This session provides an introduction to the operation of Aeries, and is required for all users of Aeries. Topics include the navigation, the student data screen, and changing data

Aeries Teacher Portal Gradebook

(3.5 hours) - This session demonstrates creating and using gradebooks in the Teacher Portal (Train-the-trainer recommended)

Aeries Teacher Portal Attendance and Grades

(3.5 hours) - This session provides information on posting attendance and report card grades in the Teacher Portal (Train-the-trainer recommended)

Question and Answer Follow-up Sessions

(3.5 Hours) - Open-ended Q+A sessions are helpful after the initial training and/or after having some experience using the system

Suggested Ongoing Training – Aeries Users' Conferences

No matter what level of experience you or your users have with Aeries, the semi-annual AeriesCons are recommended as an opportunity to enhance your existing foundation of knowledge and share your experiences to better meet the needs of your school(s). All conference workshops have been redesigned to focus on the web version of Aeries whenever possible and new sessions are being offered to replace unneeded client version sessions. The conference workshops are NOT designed to replace training for new clients and hands-on environment is limited to an open forum question and answer area.

Spring 2018 AeriesCon

March 5-6, 2018 in Ontario, CA

Fall 2018 AeriesCon

October 8-9, 2018 in Sacramento, CA

All information regarding the conference can be found at our conference page at, including pricing details, deadlines, accommodations nearby, and a link to the online registration portal.